Care of water in a swimming pond or decorative pond is a complex issue and a universal method can hardly be identified. Considerations regarding future water quality should be made as early as the pond planning, designing and building stages: all the existing factors affecting the biological, physical and chemical water parameters should be taken into account.

Remember that the water in a pond is a biological system of interlinked processes, where any inappropriate or unsubstantiated intervention can immediately disturb the gentle balance that has sometimes been established over many years. On the other hand, prudent use of certain biological or chemical products according to the manufacturers’ instructions can result in better water quality and efficient prevention of problems or resolving existing problems.”

What to do after filling the pond with water for the first time? Should any product be added immediately?

Prevention is the main point of water care in a natural – decorative or swimming – pond. Nature can largely manage, but where it cannot, it is much easier to prevent problems than to solve them.

So, what you should do as a minimum after filling your pond with water is to use useful bacteria present in the BIO POND CLEANER (Biological Pond Cleaner)whereby the appropriate biological processes in the pond are started.

Although the water will turn green within 2-3 weeks anyway, its self-cleaning capacity will be much faster and efficient after the application of bacteria. Bacteria indeed grow slowly on the aquatic plant root systems anyway, but this growth would take a much longer time.

The natural water cleaning processes are started by adding the BIO POND CLEANER (Biological Pond Cleaner) .

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Why must bacteria be added from time to time throughout the season?

Bacteria must be added to the pond on an ongoing basis. Bacteria in the product are “hungry” and wait for a nutrient source to start their growth.

This implies that they are very active and are very efficient in what they do. Eventually they become “lazy” and not as efficient as you need.

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Should I measure the parameters of the water with which I fill my pond? Is tap water better for filling my pond?

One largely uses water from a well or brook to fill a pond because it is free of charge; this is OK, such water is mostly fine, often better than tap water.

However, make sure that this water is not contaminated, particularly with sources of nitrogen and phosphorus, because this might cause the water in the pond to deteriorate quickly.

So, avoid water that may be contaminated even with traces of fertilizers, decaying organic matter, animal dung (cattle!), etc.”

How can I avoid excessive occurrence of algae in my pond?

Pond owners sometimes differ in their idea of how many algae in a pond are still tolerable and when intervention is necessary. When fighting algae in your pond, remember that algae are largely indicators of very clean, limpid water which does not give out any bad smell, you actually just don’t like the green “something” in the water…
What is important is preventing the water from contamination from animal urine, fertilizers from lawns, etc. Regularly remove from the water surface organic matter from trees and other vegetation around.

If green haze from unicellular algae still appears (you can see tiny green particles floating in a water sample), use our ČISTIČ BIO JEZÍREK (Biological Pond Cleaner)The easiest way to get rid of the algae is to use our FLOCCULANT.

In soluble form, FLOCCULANT is sprinkled on the pond surface from a watering can. As a result, the water-bloom (i.e. algae) aggregates into clusters – flakes – and settles on the pond bottom, from which it can be removed by suction. This is a way to rapidly gain limpid water in your pond, so you can enjoy swimming in it.

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We most frequently encounter filamentous algae, is Flocculant effective against it too?

True, filamentous algae constitute the most frequent problem in pond water: they form long slimy clots and swimming in such an environment is far from enjoyable.
In this case, use our FLOCCULANTas prevention at the beginning of the season. This product will precipitate nearly all phosphorus from the water and the filamentous algae will lack nutrients for their growth.

Phosphorus is also removed from the water by SORBENT CFHa product serving as ongoing prevention. Held in a through-flow pad, the product consists of brown granules which adsorb (capture) phosphorus on their surface, thereby irreversibly removing it from water.

Once again, as a result, algae lack nutrients for their growth.

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We underestimated prevention and a lot of filamentous algae appeared in the pond. How to remove them?
Mechanical removal with rakes, a net, etc., is the best way to do this…

Where the algae are difficult to mechanically remove – on the bottom, on pebble stones, the use of ALGAE OXIis recommended. This is a white granular product. Scatter it over the water surface: the granules will sink to the bottom within seconds and kill the algae.

The algal cell structure will be degraded within minutes, whereupon the algae will unstick from the bottom and float to the water surface. In addition, the water is oxidised by the product.

The dead algae must then be removed from the water surface mechanically – with a net or by using the skimmer.

Can I use any of the products in a pond with fish? Are they fully biological products?

The only fully biological product is the bacterial preparation “ČISTIČ BIO JEZÍREK…” (Bio pond cleaner)
Nevertheless, all the remaining products have been developed to enable use in biotopes with fish and aquatic plants.

You don’t have to worry provided that the recommended dosages are observed.

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