Enzymatic product for water treatment in bio ponds.

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PE Sachet 50 g
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PE Can 250 g
20 ks
PE Can 1 kg
20 ks

Product information

BIO POND CLEANER is a balanced combination of bacteria and enzymes which very effectively and gently decomposes impurities of organic origin. The product reduces the content of nutrients supporting the growth of algae; dead algae serve as nutrients for the bacteria contained in the product. This cuts the content of organic sediments on the pond bottom, the water clarifies and biological equilibrium is established.
BIO POND CLEANER is a unique product, every component of which contributes to the biodegradation process. It is harmless to fish and other aquatic creatures; it is eco-friendly.

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ČISTIČ BIO JEZÍREK je unikátní přípravek, jehož každá složka přispívá k biodegradačnímu procesu. Je neškodný vůči rybám a jiným vodním živočichům, je šetrný k životnímu prostředí.

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