The PROBAZEN brand of pool chemistry products includes a range of high-quality efficient preparations from an established Czech manufacturer. This complete product range includes both chlorine products and chlorine-free products for perfect pool water care throughout the year.

Chlorine sanitation

Active chlorine-based products help maintain good water quality in the pool throughout the year.

At the beginning of the season or after filling the pool with fresh water, it’s best to add fast-dissolving Chlor START granulate, which will sanitise the water rapidly and efficiently.

Chlor tablets, COMBI tablets and MULTI tablets 5-in-1 are designed for ongoing water sanitisation.

Chlor SHOCK is intended for rapid water sanitisation, particularly if the water quality has suddenly worsened. The pool can be used for swimming shortly after product application.”

pH adjustment

The optimum water pH in your pool will be reliably established by using some preparations from the range of pH-regulating pool chemistry products.

Measure the pH with a tester and, if required, use pH PLUS or pH MINUS as appropriate. This will help achieve the ideal pool water properties. The ideal pH lies within the range of 6.8-7.2.

If the pH is lower than 6.8, the chlorine or active oxygen is less efficient and the service life of the system is shorter.

A high pH supports the formation of deposits and irritates the eyes and skin.”

Preventing algae

Chemical products that prevent algae kill all algae present in the pool. Such products can be combined with any sanitiser containing chlorine, bromine or oxygen.

If you detect algae in your pool, use an algae remover. It is advisable to combine it with other chlorine-containing or active oxygen-containing pool water treatment products, pH regulators or haze removers. And when the swimming season is over, don’t forget to use a product to prepare your pool for the winter months. We also have chemical preparations for automatic dispensers.”

Water clarification

If the water in your pool is turbid, this problem will be reliably solved by using a haze remover.

The water will become clear again because the fine particles responsible for the haze have precipitated into flakes, which will either be captured by the pool filtration system or will sink to the bottom, from which they can be removed with a vacuum cleaner.”

Chlorine-free treatment

The OXI products, whose effect is based on the action of active oxygen, are designed to provide comprehensive care of the pool water quality throughout the year. Among the advantages of chlorine-free products is the fact that they are also suitable for children and persons sensitive to elevated chlorine content.

If you have any physical problems in a pool containing water with chlorine or you simply don’t like the smell of chlorine, use chlorine-free products containing active oxygen.

High-quality pool water care can also be achieved with the use of our proven chlorine products, pH regulation products, algae removers and haze removers.

And when the swimming season is over, don’t forget to use a product to prepare your pool for the winter months. We also have chemical preparations for automatic dispensers.”


Pool testers for measuring pH/chlorine are indispensable pool water care tools.

It is imperative that the active substance levels in the pool are maintained.

Various testers exist for chlorine content, active oxygen content and pH measurement.”

Preventing hard water

Hardness stabilizers prevent the formation of deposits on the pool walls and bottom and of mineral substances making the water turbid and less clear.

The action of such high-quality water hardness stabilizers consists in binding calcium, iron, manganese and copper ions.”

Pool wall cleaning

Pool walls are conveniently cleaned by using gel cleaners, which efficiently yet gently clean concrete, tiles and plastic sheets even if very dirty.

The gel cleaner is a slightly alkaline product suitable for cleaning pool surfaces of any type, including plastic sheets.

The cleaner does not disturb the material being cleaned while perfectly cleaning surfaces that are very dirty or need a thorough cleaning after the winter season.”

Pool preparation for the winter season

The product Zazimovač (Before Winter) is designed to help prepare the pool for the winter months: it prevents algal growth, formation of mineral haze and deposits when the pool is not used. It makes spring cleaning and pool preparation for the swimming season much easier.

The pool must be cared for after the swimming season to prevent algal growth and the formation of mineral haze and deposits. It’s best to use a liquid product that prevents algal and bacterial growth and calcium deposition. This will make the spring work much easier.”

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