Algae in a pool are very much unwanted because they can cause the water to turn green, brown or yellowish in colour, lead to a slippery and slimy pool bottom and walls and bad smells. Basic protection against the growth of algae is provided by the algicidal ingredients of our COMBI tablets or MULTI tablets 5in1If the algal bloom is appreciable, complete the treatment with Algae Remover (recommended dosage: 150–200 ml per 10 m3 of water for one week).

Water haze

If you detect water haze in your pool, first try to identify its cause. For example, a high pH may stimulate precipitation of microscopic inorganic
particles. Water pH adjustment may be a remedy in this case. Alternatively, water haze may also be caused by dispersed tiny mechanical impurities or
organic compounds. For this, use Liquid Flocculant,which will aggregate impurities into flakes, which can be trapped on a filter or will sink to the pool bottom, from which they can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Lower the water pH to 6.5–6.8 before using the flocculant. Recommended dosage: 10–50 ml per 10 m3 of water. Another product that can be used for haze prevention & removal is a solid flocculant, best in the form of pads, marketed under the name Flocculant Cartridge,for insertion into a skimmer or float.

Turbid and bad-smelling water containing algae

If the water in the pool is very dirty, e.g. due to high temperatures, heavy use of the pool, storms, etc., it can be cleaned rapidly by using
a product called Chlor Shock. This product induces a shock increase in the concentration of chlorine, which kills the algae and bacteria present in the pool.
Now add our Liquid Flocculant, whereupon clean water is obtained by filtration. The pool must not be used for swimming while Chlor Shock is working. The recommended dosage is 90 g of Chlor Shock per 10 m3 of water in the pool. This dose can be lowered or increased depending on the degree of pollution.

Pool wall deposits, mineral haze

Mineral haze and pool wall deposits can be prevented by using our Hardness StabiliserThis product binds mineral ions, which then remain in soluble form and do not deposit. Existing deposits containing grease and other organic impurities can be removed with our Gel cleaner.”

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