Excessive presence of algae is one of the most common problems of decorative ponds and swimming ponds. It is largely due to a high nutrient content, phosphorus in particular.

While there are many reasons why the pond water is too high in phosphorus, the number of options to remedy this is considerably smaller. A proven method to reduce the amount of phosphorus in water is to use liquid FLOCCULANT. You may use it preventively once the pond has been filled with water or within periodic pond maintenance during the spring season. After product application, phosphorus in water precipitates into flakes, which sediment on the pond bottom within 1 or 2 days. You may want to extract the precipitate from the bottom by suction for aesthetic reasons, this, however, is not necessary: the phosphorus cannot be released from the flakes back into the water.

Dosage: Add 40-80 ml of the product per cubic metre of water

Packs: 1 litre, 5 litres

Phosphorus can also be smartly removed from the pond water by using CFH SORBENTa product consisting of brown granules possessing a high capacity for binding (adsorbing) phosphorus from water on its surface. The sorbent, in the form of 1kg pads, can be put in places where the water flows vigorously (brook, filtration, filtration system outlet) or poured into a suitable compartment of the filtration system from which it can be removed once its sorption capacity is depleted. In this case, too, phosphorus is irreversibly bonded and cannot be used by algae in the pond as a nutrient even after the sorption capacity of the material has been depleted.

Dosage: 1 kg per 10-40 m3 for 2 months, although the dosage is actually very individual, depending on the burdening of the pond with nutrients and on the location of the material in the pond –proper site selection is very important in this context.

Packs: 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg”

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